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Seasonal Products

Equine Autumn Products

DEO201 Deosect Spray ONLY
DER001 Dermoline Medicated Shampoo 500ml ONLY
KIL001 Killitch Sweet Itch Lotion 500ml ONLY
VIR001 Virkon S Powder Disinfectant ONLY
COL008 Col-Late Colostrum Foal 250g ONLY
LIM001 LimePlus Equine Dip 473ml ONLY
TRI007 Anigene Advance Lavender Disinfectant ONLY
DER009 Dermoline Insecticidal Shampoo ONLY
PAR002 Parvo-Virucide 1 litre ONLY
ABO006 Absorbine Show Sheen 950ml ONLY
KEV003 Kevin Bacons Active Soap ONLY
CUR002 Curry Comb Red Plastic ONLY
HIB001 Hibiscrub 500ml ONLY
LEO006 Leovet No Rub 500ml ONLY

Companion Animal Autumn Products

ECT006 Ectoline 50mg spot-on solution for cats and kittens over 8 weeks above 1kg ONLY
JOH101 Johnsons Evening Primrose Oil Shampoo 200ml ONLY
TIC001SP O Tom Tick/Tick Twister ONLY
POO003 Poop Torch Dispenser ONLY
JOH103 Johnsons 4 Fleas Dog Shampoo 240ml ONLY
IVE004 Mite Treatment Ivermectin Drops 1% 5ml ONLY
ANC001SP Ancol Camouflage Cat Collar ONLY
CAR013 Clix Car Safe Harness ONLY
EAS005 Easidri Equestrian & Pet Towel ONLY
PET013 Dirty Talk Shampoo 475ml ONLY
PET016 Dry Clean Waterless Shampoo For Dogs 450ml ONLY
ADV004 Advantage 100 Spot On for Dogs 4kg to less than 10kg (4 Pipettes) ONLY
ADV005 Advantage 250 Spot On for Dogs 10kg to less than 25kg (4 Pipettes) ONLY
ADV002 Advantage 40 Spot On for Small Cats, Small Dogs and Pet Rabbits less than 4kg (4 Pipettes) ONLY
ADV001 Advantage 80 Spot On for Large Cats & Pet Rabbits 4kg and greater (4 Pipettes) ONLY
ADV006 Advantage 400 Spot On for Dogs 25kg to less than 40kg (4 Pipettes) ONLY
TUN001 Ancol Play Tunnel ONLY
ANC004 Ancol Double Sided Wooden Handle Brush ONLY
RAC005 RAC Car Window Vent Guard ONLY
HAR006 Hi-Craft Dog Harness ONLY
ECT007 Ectoline 67mg spot-on solution for small dogs (for dogs 2-10kg) ONLY
ECT008 Ectoline 134mg spot-on solution for medium dogs (for dogs 10-20kg) ONLY
ECT009 Ectoline 268mg spot-on solution for large dogs (for dogs 20-40kg) ONLY
PUP007 Rosewood Puppy Training Pads pk14 ONLY

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