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Horse Wormers (Anthelmintics)

Chemical horse wormers are classified into the following groups:

1. BZ Benzimidazoles and Probenzimidazoles
eg: Panacur, Telmin and Zerofen

2. LM Imidazothiazoles and Tetrahydropyrimidines
eg: Pyratape-P, Strongid-P

3. AV Avermectins and Milbemycins
eg: Eqvalan, Bimectin, Eraquell, Equest

Combination horse wormers, sometimes referred to as dual wormers, are also available eg: Eqvalan Duo and Equimax.

Unfortunately no horse wormer is 100% effective all of the time. You should change the horse wormer (anthelmintic) used on an annual basis; this should help delay resistance to any one chemical group. Changing anthelmintic within a chemical group, will not delay resistance. The more frequently a particular horse wormer is used, the quicker restraints to it may be seen. There are many different brands of equine wormers on the market, but often they contain the same active ingredient.

Horse wormers come in various forms, from syringes, granules to liquid and now tablets - making administering the horse wormer easier.

Be sure if you use a varying type of administration that the active ingredient and the dosage of the horse wormer is correct for your horse and the equine worming programme you are following. (Be aware of the possible need to double dose some active ingredients to cover different target worms).

There is a natural option to chemical horse wormers, if preferred; natural products control internal parasites and help maintain a healthy digestive system in the horse or equine. These also come in a variety of formulations: pellets, powder or liquid.

Care should be taken when choosing a wormer for your horse or equine as some products are not suitable for pregnant or lactating mares or young stock under a certain age.

Before administering any horse wormer, ensure you read the product information provided. If in doubt, always consult a vet before administering any treatment.

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