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Keeping a horse or any equine animal can be labour intensive and expensive. They require a lot of love, attention and hard work to keep them healthy and in good shape. Along with feeding and shoeing, equine animals require medicines and supplies to keep them in their ultimate condition and ward off any unwanted pests such as flies, lice or worms etc.

Luckily, sourcing all your equine supplies couldn't be easier with our online store. The Pet Medicine Company stocks a large supply of horse wormers at very competitive prices, together with other products such as horse joint supplements; horse feed supplements, and equine medical supplies.

While it is almost impossible to eradicate worms from horses, due to the environment they live in, using a recommended worming programme for horses is an ideal way to combat the problem. You should administer worming medicines to your horse/s at regular intervals throughout the year. In the grazing season it is recommended to administer every six to ten weeks. Sourcing the correct equine worm medicine is critical in ensuring that the horse is properly protected.

Other products we supply for horses, ponies, donkeys and for general equine health include horse shampoos, equine first aid and equine feed supplements such as Equitop Myoplast. We also supply equine joint supplements such as Aviform Supplease Gold Powder, together with some environmental products such as horse disinfectants. Horses are at risk of bites and infestation of grub larvae, both of which can cause serious problems if left untreated. It is important when caring for horses to have treatments for such problems within reach or in easy supply for if the problem arises.

Horse owners can keep basic supplies on hand to ensure they are prepared, these can include horse worming treatments, horse lice treatments, and essential horse supplements. Most treatments can be administered by the owner however we would also recommend that you talk to a vet first if you are unsure of anything.

Browse our site to view our entire range of equine supplies and if you can't see something you need, simply call us and we will be happy to help you source it.

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