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Drontal for Dogs

Drontal Plus Flavour Tablets for dogs are an easy to administer broad spectrum tablet wormer.

Drontal dog worming tablets (Drontal Plus Flavour Tablets and Drontal Plus XL Tablets) are effective for the control of gastrointestinal tapeworms and roundworms in dogs and puppies. Drontal dog worming products kill every type of intestinal worm commonly found in the UK including hookworm.

The Drontal Plus products have a unique combination of active ingredients which enable it to tackle roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms and whipworms. The active ingredients are: Febantel, Pyrantel Embonate and Praziquantel. The Drontal dog worming products are administered orally and can be given with or without food.

For routine control, adult dogs should be treated every 3 months with a single dose. At specific stages in an animal’s life, or in cases of heavy roundworm infestation, a repeat dose is recommended.

For the control of Toxocara canis, nursing bitches should be dosed 2 weeks after giving birth and every two weeks until weaning.

Puppies should be treated at 2 weeks of age and every 2 weeks until 12 weeks of age. Thereafter they should be treated at 3 monthly intervals. It is advisable to treat the bitch at the same time as the puppies. Puppies are at a higher risk of contracting worms from the mother’s milk and even during pregnancy when Toxocara canis can be transmitted to the foetus. Drontal Oral Suspension for Puppies is an easy to use and gentle broad spectrum liquid wormer designed especially for puppies.

Before administering either Drontal product, please ensure you always read the pack information and any additional leaflet provided. If in doubt, consult a veterinary professional before using the Drontal for dogs worming products.

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