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Dog Worming

Worming your dog or puppy is important to ensure you own a healthy animal.

All dogs can become infected with worms and pass them onto other animals including humans. Roundworm burden in puppies can cause weight loss, abdominal swelling and pain, diarrhoea and rarely rupture of the bowel.

Recommendations on the frequency of dog worming vary with product type, but typically a three monthly dosage regime is recommended. Most dog wormers are broad spectrum and can target a variety of worms but this should be checked prior to use to ensure the chosen wormer will combat the required worms. The active ingredients of dog wormers vary and include Praziquantel, Pyrantel embonate, Febantel and Fenbendazole.

Prescription only dog wormers are available from veterinary professionals with active ingredients including Imidacloprid & Moxidectin, Milbemycin Oxime & Lufenuron and Selamectin. Worming products are available in different forms which include: tablets, liquid, granules and spot on pipette. Dog wormers are either given orally, via the dog’s feed or on the back of the neck for a spot on pipette dog wormer.

Worming dosages are usually based upon the weight and age of the dog. The breeding status of the dog must also be considered and the information supplied with the worming product should always be read prior to using the product.

All pets in the household should be wormed together to minimise the risk of re-infection. It is also recommended that a suitable flea treatment be administered for complete worm control. Fleas can act as the host to tapeworms exposing the dog to an increased risk from Dipylidium infection.

Before administering any dog worming product, please ensure you always read the pack information and any additional leaflet provided. If in doubt, consult a veterinary professional before using the product.

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