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Types and brands of Cat wormers

There are many products available to worm your cat or kitten. These products range in the type of administration such as tablets, granules, spot on pipette and the types of worms targeted. Some types of cat wormers are broad spectrum cat dewormers which target both tapeworms and roundworms, the two main types of worms which your cat or kitten is likely to become infected by. Other cat worming products will target one type of worm specifically which will enable you to manage your cat’s needs. The dosage of a cat dewormer is usually dependent upon the weight of the cat or kitten and its status including age, thus it is important to read the product information before use to ensure the correct dosage is given to your cat.

Drontal is the UK’s most popular broad spectrum cat wormer combating both roundworms and tapeworms. Drontal Cat Tablets should be given to cats weighing up to 6kg whereas Drontal Cat XL Tablets should be given to cats weighing over 6kg thereby allowing a one dose administration no matter how big your cat is. Droncit Spot-on 20mg Solution is designed for the treatment of immature and adult forms of tapeworms in cats. The tip of the pipette is applied to the back of the cat’s neck and should be re-applied at monthly intervals. Alternatively Droncit Tablets 50mg can be given to both cats and dogs for the control of adult tapeworms.

Panacur, another brand of cat wormers, is a range of broad spectrum dewormers for the treatment of roundworms and tapeworms which are available in granules, oral paste and oral suspension. Panacur Granules for cats and kittens, dogs and puppies are easy to use granules which can be sprinkled onto food. Panacur 18.75% Oral Paste is available in an easy to administer syringe for use in cats, kittens, dogs and puppies. Panacur Small Animal 2.5% Suspension and Panacur Small Animal 10% Suspension is an easy to use liquid which can be hidden in food or given directly after food and is ideal for fussy eaters.

Bob Martin offers a range of cat dewormer products depending upon your cat’s need. For a broad spectrum cat and kitten dewormer, Bob Martin 2 in 1 Dewormer Tablets, containing praziquantel and pyrantel embonate as the active ingredients, is effective against both roundworms and tapeworms. Bob Martin Spot On Dewormer is effective against tapeworms, whereas Bob Martin Easy to Use Dewormer Granules is effective in the control of roundworms and roundworm eggs.

Johnson’s Kitten Easy Worm Syrup is suitable for kittens from 2 weeks of age, adult cats and pregnant queens for the treatment of roundworms. Johnson’s Easy Wormer Granules for cats and kittens are easy to use for the treatment of roundworms and mix into the cat’s food.

It is also recommended that a suitable flea treatment be administered for complete worm control. Fleas can act as the host to tapeworms exposing the cat to an increased risk of Dipylidium infection. Additionally all pets in the household should be treated together to minimise the risk of re-infection.

Before administering any cat worming product, please ensure you always read the pack information and any additional leaflet provided. If in doubt, consult a veterinary professional before using the product.

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