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Feliway is one of the leading natural solutions used to help stress related problems in cats. Feliway for cats is highly effective in helping behavioural problems such as urine marking, scratching or problems associated with transportation.

It works by providing a feeling of security to the cat when they are faced with unfamiliar and/or stressful situations such as going to the vets, moving house, a new baby or during party seasons such as Bonfire night.

Feliway is a natural solution available in a spray and as a diffuser to plug in at home.

When to use Feliway:


You may notice when your cat is stressed by a change in their circumstances and they start spraying in the home. Cats will usually spray on household furniture, curtains and sofas. This is a common problem for many cat owners and can be a frustrating time. Using Feliway spray or a Feliway diffuser, can help to alleviate these problems by making the cat feel less stressed. Spraying is a form of scent marking and therefore using a product such as Feliway Spray, which mimics the pheromones that make a cat feel secure, can help to prevent this.


Often scratching is something that cats will do when sharpening their claws, for this it is recommended that you provide a scratching post. There are however times when cats will scratch because they are stressed or anxious. The signs of this include:

- Scratching in lots of different places - If there have been changes to the home - There are multiple cats in the home - Moving house - A new baby

Feliway for cats can help to relieve the symptoms of anxiety in cat’s thus reducing stress related scratching. Simply spray the area in which the cat is scratching or use a Feliway diffuser in the area.

What is Feliway?

Feliway is a replica of a pheromone which has a calming effect over cats. When a cat is happy and safe in an environment it will rub its head and chin on furniture, corners of walls and on curtains. When a cat does this, it is leaving pheromones which convey a message/mark that the cat is happy and secure. Using a product that mimics this pheromone such as Feliway will give the cat the same feelings of secureness making them relaxed.

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